Jim brings a deep and nuanced appreciation for the aesthetics of sound to his work, both in the theater and beyond it. For nearly 30 years, he has created compelling soundscapes for theatrical productions ranging from classical plays to contemporary works for an equally diverse range of creative collaborators. His interest in acoustic design also led to his involvement in nontheatrical projects emphasizing the broader role of sound in shaping other types of created environments.

Jim’s professional experiences include:

Resident Sound Designer/Audio and Projections Supervisor

Cleveland Play House, Cleveland, OH

Lighting, Video and Sound Technician

PMA Industries/Event Technology, Providence, RI

Audio Installation and Service Technician

ProSound Service, Braintree, MA

Resident Sound Designer/Engineer and Pyrotechnician

Pioneer Theater Company/ Department of Theater, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Consultant (Environmental Sound System Design)

The Mayan Restaurant, Sandy, UT

Resident Sound Designer/ Engineer

Utah Festival Opera Company, Logan, UT

Resident Sound Designer/Engineer

George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ

Resident Sound Designer

Center Stage, Baltimore, MD

Some of Jim's additional consultancy projects include:
• Designing and recording audio materials for A Journey to the Land of the Saints by Timothy J. Ray (2018). Currently developing a series of virtual reality recordings to accompany a series of guided retreats in Timothy J. Ray’s A Pilgrimage to the Land of the Saints.
• Serving as an audio consultant for the Maltz Center for the Performing Arts at Case Western Reserve University (2014).
• Engineering mixed-media meditation CDs for Timothy J. Ray's Marking the Way (2002).
• Working as a licensed pyrotechnician for the State of Utah (1995-2000).
• Creating a recording studio for radio and audio-only play productions (1998).

Familiar with the following recording and playback (audio and video) software:
Sound Forge, Reaper, Vegas Pro 10, Audacity, Dante, Qlab, Watchout, OBS.

Further information on Jim’s professional activities is available upon request.


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